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Garstin HE

A rural IT professional specialising in personal computer configuration and repair

● Virus and malware removal
● Data recovery and backup
● New computer setup (including data transfer from old to new)
● New peripheral setup (printers, scanners, etc.)
● Email and internet configuration


father and son at laptop

Gartek Studios

A digitally focused studio concentrating on web and videogame design.

● Multiple websites created and maintained for worldwide clientele
● Custom code created to support other project promotions (live attractions, theme parks and audiobooks)
● Several completed videogames available in Google Play Store and Itch.io

The Aikihomestead

Our personal blog.

● Blogging since 2009
● Currently relating our experiences building and inhabiting an off-grid log cabin
● Located north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

small cabin

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Trying to find balance in life, being in the world, but not always of the world.