Completed Wood Piles

Just some satisfying pictures of the last of my birch cut, split and (mostly – until my pile fell over) piled. Much appreciation for Donna and Kenny helping out with these to make less work for me!

Stressing the Log Splitter

So this spring my neighbour J! and I went halvsies on a load of birch. It was freshly cut eight foot lengths, so I wanted to get cracking on cutting it down to stove length and getting it split and out in the open quickly so that it would hopefully be dry by the burning … Read more

Kindling Splitter Review

So now that I don’t have the mill providing me with loads of weird, thin slabs and offcuts, I have focused on making firewood cutting as easy and productive as possible.  I’ve purchased a couple of items that I had hoped would help and didn’t really, but sometimes I get something that’s pretty good.  A … Read more