Meeting a Salamander on the Road

N.B.: This post was suppose to have been published a few months back – not sure why the scheduler didn’t work, but I also didn’t notice it until now. So please understand that it is not seasonally accurate. Cheers! Several days ago on the way back from walking for the mail a little twitching movement … Read more

A Furry Snake Visits the Homestead

I was doing some fall chores, digging out the humanure hacienda, trimming some weeds around the cabin and prepping the site for the new sauna. While getting ready to warm up the ATV, I saw something dart past me in the garage – at first I figured it was one of our many chipmunks, but … Read more


So I moved one of our new game cameras from one position on the driveway that was really challenging to access in winter, to another, more accessable location. Imagine our delight when it captured this little fellow (or lady?)! I guess the lens is a bit interesting.

The Summer of Chipmunks

Wow, we’re inundated by chipmunks in this part of the world! We had one regular visitor at the cabin who really was enjoying the new deck and sunflower seed we happily gave out to our “Chippy”. Then at camp we met up with two especially bold (rodents?) who climbed onto the picnic table and were … Read more

A Bear Visits the Homestead

This was an exciting surprise! The other Sunday morning our camera captured a bear! We of course know they are around, but they’re remarkably shy – I hadn’t seen one near our property for a couple years now. But the new camera caught this one within the first week or so of being installed – … Read more

Tadpoles Aplenty!

All the chirping, croaking and ribbits of spring have paid HUGE dividends in our pond! We’ve really enjoyed watching this brood (School? Flock? Wiggle?) of tadpoles growing up this spring.

Wildlife on the New Game Camera

So a year or two ago I bought a few game cameras to monitor and better secure the homestead. We’ve only had one or two occasions (that we’re aware of) when unrecognized vehicles have come up the driveway and then shown themselves back out again, but that was enough for us to want to know … Read more

Mallards Visit our Pond

As I was out on the deck a couple days ago, I was wearing only my reading/computing glasses, but I could see something moving on the pond. It wasn’t hard to tell that it was a lovely avian couple just visiting for a short while. I am very impressed with the quality of the pictures … Read more