Total Teardown of our Solar Power System – Switching from Flooded to AGM L-16 Batteries

Our solar power system has been working very well for us for the past five or more years.  It has washed our clothes, cooked our food, boiled some of our water, kept the lights on, charged our devices, powered our internet connection and, occasionally, even thrown off some heat here and there. Of course, so … Read more


Yesterday while waiting for the sun to rise enough to power the canner, I was treated to sunrise directly in line with the driveway!  It was a beautiful view from the kitchen sink while I prepped the ingredients. Almost there! And BOOM!

Addendum to Warming the Batteries (Including Bonus Addendum)

While it’s been hard to quantify how much the heating pads on the solar batteries have helped, I can say that in spite of frigid temperatures, we haven’t lost power due to overvoltage, and the batteries have been ranging between 6 and 10 degrees in spread between their temperature and ambient. Twice since the installation … Read more