Baking a Cake in our Rice Cooker

I’m really in love with our rice cooker. Since last I blogged about it, it died a noble death – it managed to pop our last round of popcorn, then we had a conversation about how that was clearly misusing the appliance, and then it never turned on again. :'( I ordered up a new … Read more

Pizza Topology

So we had a late Thanksgiving Dinner this year (late by Canadian Standards – it was the last weekend in October).  It was awesome.  Mummu and Grandpa and E! visited us, and we made mashed potatoes, turkey roll with stuffing, gravy, roasted turnip, rice, and rolls, and our guests brought cake and cheesecake for dessert. … Read more

Gyoza Overflow!

I really, REALLY wanted to steam all the Japanese dumplings I bought, but the basket for our little rice steamer just couldn’t contain them all. Mmmm, Gyoza! Where there’s a will (and a silicon bowl) there’s a way! Mmmm, tasty dumplings incoming!  Where’s the soy sauce?

Empanadas Aiki Style

Recently we had two different sets of guests here at the homestead. First up we had visitors that had been at the homestead in it’s earliest days – my friend’s two daughters returned to experience a Canadian winter after having spent the past year or two in Paraguay – lucky them!  They arrived just in … Read more

Hopes for Spring

Yesterday I was able to can four kilos of chicken in two batches.  I’m still using the small pressure canner and really enjoy it – it works like a charm! The sun was able to bring up the temperature outside to just above freezing.  Kenny and I also found the time to walk the five … Read more