Humanure Hacienda Maintenance

It’s really, really surprising the difference in volume of the compost pile during the winter as compared to the summer.  Last March already I was hefting the buckets well over my head to be able to get them piled on top of the existing material.  I didn’t switch to the other side, and just continued … Read more

An Answer to a Mystery?

So far, to our knowledge, pine boring grubs notwithstanding, we haven’t really had too many critters invade our cabin.  We do what we feel is a pretty good job of keeping food scraps in their proper places, and the space is small enough that there aren’t really any nooks or crannies that don’t get exposed … Read more

Too Much Information?

Donna was up first this morning.  I usually feel guilty about this, and today was really no exception.  As my medication is tapering down, my fatigue seems to be returning.  So far it hasn’t manifested itself as dramatically as a year or two ago, when I regularly found myself exhausted in the afternoon and required … Read more

A Deluxe Upgrade to our (Humanure) Composting Toilet

My parents came to visit us this month!  It was just amazingly wonderful to have them here.  There wasn’t a moment that went by that I wasn’t totally appreciating their love and help around the homestead. Disappointingly, for a few days leading up to their arrival my stomach was acting a bit dodgy.  This culminated … Read more