Popping Corn on a Woodstove (or Induction Cooker)

We’ve been enjoying popcorn quite a bit lately.  I have been experimenting with some of those “Kernels” flavours you can purchase at the store, and have actually found my favourite to be just something called “butter salt” or “popcorn salt” from the local bulk store.  It makes my popcorn taste just like theatre popcorn…  A … Read more

Kenny Bakes Biscuits

One of the reminders of the time we spent with our friends the C! family is the dry goods they have left with us. They must really love pancakes, as when they left, I counted no less than four different boxes of various pancake/biscuit mixes.  (Although I freely confess that one of them at least … Read more

A Push To Finish Installing The Floor

Now that the main living area of the cabin had been completely disrupted to allow me to begin installing the floor, I wanted to get it finished in good time.  This doesn’t include the “finishing” – sanding and sealing, but rather, just the installation to allow us to walk around on an even, firmer surface. … Read more

Cinnamon Buns in the Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove

I suppose I haven’t written much about cooking on the woodstove lately, so as per my one request, here’s a few things we’ve noticed. The top of the stove discolours very rapidly in use.  It isn’t unaesthetic, it just loses its stainless finish quickly while under heat. Depending on how hot-burning the wood is that … Read more

Installing our Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove and Initial Thoughts / Review

It was a sombre moment a few days ago when I saw my Mom’s name come up on my call display.  As expected, she was calling to let me know that my Grandpa had just passed away.  This, on the heels of learning that our family friend (and huge influence on my life) R!L! had … Read more