The Snow Came Down and the Banks Came Up

So the past week or so the weather has warmed up quite a bit for us here north of Thunder Bay. Even on days where the mercury didn’t rise above -7, the sun shining on the steel roof was enough to set the snow to melting. Over the course of two or three days, we … Read more

A New Home Office

So with the upcoming plan to turn our old sauna into more of a “guest cabin”, we’ve realised that there is much less calling for the spare room in the cabin to be defined as the “guest room”. We were discussing my back issues, and how perhaps hours at the kitchen table in a simple … Read more

Baking a Cake in our Rice Cooker

I’m really in love with our rice cooker. Since last I blogged about it, it died a noble death – it managed to pop our last round of popcorn, then we had a conversation about how that was clearly misusing the appliance, and then it never turned on again. :'( I ordered up a new … Read more