The Snow Came Down and the Banks Came Up

So the past week or so the weather has warmed up quite a bit for us here north of Thunder Bay. Even on days where the mercury didn’t rise above -7, the sun shining on the steel roof was enough to set the snow to melting.

Over the course of two or three days, we were treated to tremendous, ground shaking crashes on all four sides of the cabin as the accumulated winter snow finally let go and came down with not a little violence!

The loudest one yet! Also the last to let go – the north side.
The view from the new porch.

The most dramatic was across the front of the cabin, which occurred when we went outside to investigate the noise from a different side, and simply slamming the door shut caused a tremendous avalanche only a meter away. Kenny ran around the corner of the porch, while I pressed myself up against the wall of the cabin. Whew!

The aftermath of slamming the front door.

The day after the snow came down on my new porch area, a crater/hole had opened up mysteriously – it sure looks like something dug its way in… Or out? No obvious tracks to solve the riddle so far…

A gateway to what? And where?

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