A New Home Office

So with the upcoming plan to turn our old sauna into more of a “guest cabin”, we’ve realised that there is much less calling for the spare room in the cabin to be defined as the “guest room”. We were discussing my back issues, and how perhaps hours at the kitchen table in a simple Ikea wooden chair isn’t the best.

We morphed from a discussion of rearranging the entire main floor and setting up some corner desks with a permanent switch from wooden chairs to office/ergonomic chairs. After much going over with tape measure and head scratching, it was obvious that it was going to be a challenging solution. That’s when we decided to explore formalising “Mama’s Office” – the guest room.

Excitement grew and I looked over some options for desks – it was really a great concept! I could also add a second screen, something I had been pining for (for years). We could move the large shelf/sideboard from the living space upstairs and use it to store my tools and parts, instead of having them in the bedroom. We could raise the television up higher on the wall and more out of the way. We could get the rarely used laser printer out of prime real estate space, and put it upstairs for the occasional print jobs we require. I could even decorate! Loads of positives. Even the fact that it was upstairs could be a good way to improve my work/life balance, and give me exercise going up and down stairs to replenish my tea mug, check the stove, and use the (ahem) facilities.

I ordered up a pair of desks, bookshelf and office chair from Amazon, as well as another chair and monitor from Staples. I filled things out with a few little things ordered from Walmart as well and on a Friday evening a week later (once everything had arrived), Kenny and I set to work.

Note the extra hardware by the chair – always a great sign! It will be great to move the laptop off a tv tray!
Nothing like a little child labour to make the job go faster.
Taking it all for a test drive.
The next day.
Our library and tribute shelf to Nana and Papa, as well as some classic games.
Kenny’s Battlestation!
90% of IT work in a single poster.

Such a nice zone. Rocking out to Crockett’s Theme, The Eve of War, Anything by Kraftwerk and Oxygene while coding up a storm!

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