Baking a Cake in our Rice Cooker

I’m really in love with our rice cooker. Since last I blogged about it, it died a noble death – it managed to pop our last round of popcorn, then we had a conversation about how that was clearly misusing the appliance, and then it never turned on again. :'(

I ordered up a new one, this time with the steamer basket resting above the main cooking pot – this looks interesting, and it already has room for an extra egg when hard boiling!

Size wise, it’s nearly identical, so I saved the pot, steamer basket and lid from our original and they all can work with the new one – theoretically I can even have both steamer baskets installed at the same time! 13 hard boiled eggs at once – what a boon.

To help celebrate, I queued up a cake mix I had recently purchased. Kenny has received some cake mixes for his Birthday from Aunt V!, and we had enjoyed them so much that we wanted to rotate them into the official “pastry time” roster.

I was concerned that the cake mix would be way too much, so I thought about dividing it in half. Of course, it called for three eggs, so I got out the kitchen scale and divided it into thirds instead – which turned out to be just about perfect!

I mixed it right in the ungreased rice cooker bowl and then clicked on cook.

About to click on cook for the first time!
Okay, here goes nothing! Cook baby cook!

After ten or fifteen minutes, it clicked off. I waited about five minutes and clicked it again. I repeated this process about six or seven more times before I jammed a chopstick into the top of the cake and it slid out clean.

Clean chopstick = fully baked?

I let it cool briefly, then turned it upside down onto the cutting board – it slid out beautifully!

Looking better than most of my baking – it came out whole!

Kenny iced it, then I held the spatula in place and spun the board to smooth the sides.

And now presented – on a nice plate, with smooth icing!

We ate the whole (1/3?) cake in two consecutive evenings and it was fantastic! And out of one box, we still have two more coming!

I give this recipe a good thumbs up!

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