This Year’s Christmas Tree

Since we moved, we only had one Christmas where we didn’t end up returning to Southern Ontario over the holiday, and between that and visiting the relatives here in Thunder Bay, we only put up a tree once. It was a bit of an adventure to harvest that one. Much like me, it looked most impressive in the dark!

With the current pandemic, travel is obviously not in the cards. So we decided to put up a tree again this year in the cabin.

After a bit of traipsing through the bush and heavy discussion, we chose one from the ravine and I whipped out the electric chainsaw and cut it down.

A festive hat for a festive activity!

I dragged it home and let it acclimatise out on the deck for a week. Then we brought it inside and got it decorated – it only fell over once! And luckily I was nearby and it fell on me, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

A good ornament distribution is essential!
Thankfully we have a countertop nearby to get to the top!

After stabilizing it further and tightening up the stand, we have a pretty decent reminder of the season front and centre in the cabin.

Best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday from our household to all of yours!

And the nighttime atmosphere is super Christmassy!

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