A New Path to the Post Boxes

For the past couple of years since Grandpa Oiva moved to the city, Kenny and I have been trying to walk up for the mail when it suited.

Unfortunately, Dog Lake Road has lately been inundated with pulp and gravel trucks in ever increasing numbers. I understand that this is the price of progress and economic activity in the area, but it definitely makes us afternoon mobility-luddites into nervous nellies.

As such, in the fall, I suggested we take a few days to work out an alternate path to retrieve our post.

It wasn’t a difficult task to try to follow the existing game trails along the road all the way to the mailboxes. We did try to improve on our natural guides by straightening and widening certain sections – always when they were under the hydro lines that are already kept reasonably clear for safety reasons.

It has added perhaps a quarter of an hour to our overall round trip, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay for safety, and a more natural view. Mama even finds time to come with us when she’s home! Win win!

A tough bit with alder bushes galore.
Entering the deep, dark forest. Kenny and I are always careful to watch for Leshi here.
The path here is more obvious than in pictures – there are no branches!
Trying to stay on the far side of the guard rails on the highway.
Sharing our path on the old highway with wildlife and ATVs.

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