The Summer of Chipmunks

Wow, we’re inundated by chipmunks in this part of the world! We had one regular visitor at the cabin who really was enjoying the new deck and sunflower seed we happily gave out to our “Chippy”. Then at camp we met up with two especially bold (rodents?) who climbed onto the picnic table and were … Read more

Stressing the Log Splitter

So this spring my neighbour J! and I went halvsies on a load of birch. It was freshly cut eight foot lengths, so I wanted to get cracking on cutting it down to stove length and getting it split and out in the open quickly so that it would hopefully be dry by the burning … Read more

Finishing Touches on the Deck

Building the deck and imagining hosting more guests in that space has made me want to make it a bit more cozy. With the corner posts in place, it was much easier to put up a nice sun screen. The other thing that made it a bit more comfortable was to run some jute cable … Read more

Chili Dogs on the New Deck

So there was still some home-cut lumber left from the rack disaster/planned sauna, even after I turned it into some really nice garden beds. I had planned on turning it into a small platform that we could set an outdoor table on to better enjoy the sun and wind during the brief summer season. It … Read more

A Bear Visits the Homestead

This was an exciting surprise! The other Sunday morning our camera captured a bear! We of course know they are around, but they’re remarkably shy – I hadn’t seen one near our property for a couple years now. But the new camera caught this one within the first week or so of being installed – … Read more

Tadpoles Aplenty!

All the chirping, croaking and ribbits of spring have paid HUGE dividends in our pond! We’ve really enjoyed watching this brood (School? Flock? Wiggle?) of tadpoles growing up this spring.