The Post in Which I Find My Keys

Look at this: Under most circumstances, I would have simply walked past this rusty “garbage” lying on the bridge close to our mailboxes – but these weren’t “most circumstances”. You see, on a previous walk to our mailboxes back in deepest winter, I arrived home to sadly realise that I no longer had the mail … Read more

Improving my Posture at Home

For a couple years now I’ve been doing most of my computing at our Norden Ikea table here in the living room of the cabin. Sitting on a hard wooden chair (better now that my loving Sister V! gave us all fitted, personalized pads for our chairs) and hunched over the laptop. Working on client … Read more

Just How Disgusting Can a Keyboard Get?

I’ve learned an interesting lesson. HP Elitebook keyboards work just fine, but the spaces between the keys sure are a magnet for less than appetizing gunk. Consider the keyboard when purchasing a new computer. To mitigate this situation I have in the past purchased silly putty – just pressing it hard on the spaces between … Read more

Changing from Blogger to WordPress

Whelp, after over a decade just letting Google handle everything and currently being even MORE isolated than living in the forests of northern Ontario could be (is this an outdated reference when you are reading this?), I’ve finally decided to take more of an interest in the back-end hosting and control of my blog. I … Read more