EcoFan Spins Through The Night!

Last year we seemed to have quite a few problems with the stove suddenly backpuffing or just smoke blowing back out sometimes while we were loading it or when it was closed air tight on a windy night. To ameliorate this issue, we resorted to making short, quick fires to heat up the cabin, and … Read more

The Fly Sucker 2000

Bringing in the wood bins also brings in the flies that have hidden in the logs for the winter.  As they enjoy the (relative?) warmth of the cabin, they come out of hibernation, and inevitably head for the upstairs windows to escape. In an effort to control the incessant buzzing and build-up of dessicated remains, … Read more

A Calm Night

Another night as Kenny and I were about to head into our bedroom to read some more Harry Potter, I wanted to snap this picture showing the previously installed drapes.  I caught Donna working on her own blog, and while the quality of the picture leaves much to be desired, I think it did capture … Read more