The End of The Dorks.

Kenny has been really into running and timing himself this summer.  He isn’t interested much in doing it in the context of competing against other children, but he sure pushes himself!  He gets really upset if every run isn’t a bit better than the previous one, even though I point out that shortcomings in my … Read more

First Snow of the Season

As Donna was leaving for work and I was waving her off from the porch, she remarked, “It’s snowing!” – I of course poo-poo’ed the notion.  I was sure it was just cold rain. And then the sun slowly rose and I realized that it WAS snowing!  It snowed lightly all morning and into the … Read more

Moon Illusion

The other morning as I was walking from the sawmill back towards the cabin, I couldn’t believe how large the moon looked just above the roofline.  I snapped what would surely be an awesome picture, only to find this… Doesn’t the moon look huge?! So what’s the deal?  It was huge in my eye, but … Read more

Humanure Hacienda Maintenance

It’s really, really surprising the difference in volume of the compost pile during the winter as compared to the summer.  Last March already I was hefting the buckets well over my head to be able to get them piled on top of the existing material.  I didn’t switch to the other side, and just continued … Read more