The Greenest Frog Ever!

Found this amazing fellow on the driveway the other day.  Not sure why he wasn’t hanging out in the trees where he’d blend in better, but we were happy to make his acquaintance! Gorgeous colours! A little encouragement to hop into the greenery.

Kenny Attacked by Venomous Snake!

While clearing brush around the woodshed, we must have disturbed this fearless and ferocious fellow!  Kenny tried to come in for a closer look and was very nearly set upon! You can feel the anger! Luckily the strike of this venomous reptile fell a little short, and we quickly released him back into the undergrowth … Read more

The Eclipse

We happened to be visiting with my parents during the recent “Eclipse of the Century” (by what metric?) I managed to snag this picture with my camera from an internal reflection.  Not too shabby I think.

An Answer to a Mystery?

So far, to our knowledge, pine boring grubs notwithstanding, we haven’t really had too many critters invade our cabin.  We do what we feel is a pretty good job of keeping food scraps in their proper places, and the space is small enough that there aren’t really any nooks or crannies that don’t get exposed … Read more

A Short Update

As summer is winding down, I’m getting more and more apprehensive about how little I feel I have accomplished during our short, snow-free months.  It’s not been an easy year here for me, although things are still always getting better overall. This past month since I last wrote, I suffered through a(nother) sinus infection that … Read more