A Hero?

Across the finish line? Saw this guy trying to cross the road a couple of days ago – I just missed him by a hair!  (Get it?  Hair?  Hare?) Anyway, I helped him get back to the lake.  Or was it her?  I know I picked them up, but I didn’t question their gender too … Read more

Gyros Casserole

On Tuesday Kenny decided quite surprisingly that he wanted to visit the Hoffman Hobby Farm down near Murillo. I had to act fast to figure out supper!  Luckily inspiration struck and I was able to use up some stuff in the fridge and freezer and let our solar power do all the heavy work. First, … Read more

Firewood and Ants

I won’t say that things haven’t been happening here on the homestead, just that I’ve been busy with stuff that I haven’t gotten enough pictures of to be noteworthy.  As well, many of the jobs haven’t been completed yet, so I feel guilty writing about them, instead of actually DOING them. After doing an IT … Read more