Trying to Reduce Iron in our Well Water With Aeration

Whelp, another day, another scheme to try to reduce the amount of iron in our well water.  This time through aeration. I’ve read a bit of information that says that iron (and manganese) can be oxidized and I suppose form larger particles that can actually be removed by a physical filtration system.  That sounds a … Read more

The First Snowfall of the Season

I guess we’ve had a long summer season here this year.  In fact, it seems to have shattered previous records.  More worrying evidence of climate change – even if the immediate effects seem more beneficial to us here in Thunder Bay, I don’t want to think it comes at the expense of others in the … Read more

Simple Cedar Shelves

Back in Kitchener, I found having extra pegs in the bedroom for hanging clothes was invaluable.  Donna and I both like to wear clothes more than once before tossing them in the laundry if they are still clean, and having a place to hang them to ensure they are aired and dried is a real … Read more