Wood Piling Disaster!

Well, I spent my bread labour yesterday cutting, splitting, and piling the pile of logs I had accumulated by the woodshed over the past week.  Grandpa had earlier made a beautiful pile that I continued. My sloppy piling on the left side, not a good use of space.  Grandpa’s neat and stable piling on the … Read more

A Bit More Winter Wood

A few days ago, Grandpa declared that he was going to put in a new, short side trail to some jack pines that had been killed by a porcupine. Yesterday he finished the trail and cut up some smaller deadwood that he deemed suitable for firewood.  As such, today I took the ATV and trailer … Read more

Adding a Clean T Adapter to a Woodstove For Easier Indoor Cleaning

I’m not afraid to admit to my fear of heights.  It all goes back to my early years on Henry Street where I started out oblivious to the dangers present. Apparently one day my dad came home to see me lounging in the open, unscreened second floor window.  I greeted him cheerily enough, but he … Read more

Continuing to Fill the New Woodshed. Moving and Refurbishing the Old Woodshed.

Things haven’t been terrifically exciting here on the homestead the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t felt like I had much to post that either of my readers may be interested in. One thing that was really uplifting news was that one of my readers, CW! from our church underwent successful, life changing surgery! … Read more