Wood Boring Beetle Larvae in a Log Cabin, or One Man’s Decent into Madness.

A few weeks ago while sitting at the table, I heard a quiet tapping or scratching sound high up on the wall behind me.  I discounted it at first, thinking that perhaps it was merely the wind blowing something up against the cabin.  We do have some bamboo wind chimes hanging from the porch in … Read more

Trialing a New Water Filter for Removing Iron

When first thinking out and installing the well, I had really only considered the twin evils of particulates (ie: grit and gravel), and bacterial contamination.  As such, we had decided to continue using our Berkefeld filter system for our drinking water, but I installed a fine mesh filter to keep grit out of the storage … Read more

Revisiting Our Exterior Greywater System

   As I referred to in an earlier post, the tail end of winter had me wondering about how well our greywater system was performing.  The washing machine was causing tremendous gurgling in the sinks when it was draining, and our “rinsing” sink was beginning to drain out extremely slowly.  My inclusion of “cheater” or … Read more

Water is Flowing in the Sauna!

Sorry for the delay, but about three weeks ago I turned on the pump in the sauna on a lark, and lo and behold!  Water! No more carrying buckets from the cabin to the sauna!  That’s awesome!  I am planning to reroute the plumbing in the sauna and remove the storage tanks there eventually, and … Read more