A Tale of Two Kettles.

It was the best of boil times, it was the blurst of boil times… But seriously, things you never really think about in life.  A few weeks ago it was front entrance cleanup day.  As Kenny can attest to, this also includes the woodstove, as it is adjacent to the entrance, and I figure that … Read more

Installation of a Clear, Acrylic Backsplash – Plus a Low-Pressure Tap

Returning from the south over the holiday break also presented a few other opportunities – items I had ordered before leaving were now ready for installation! First up – protecting the wall behind the counter from inadvertent drips and splashes.  I didn’t want to hide the look of our wood walls, but I didn’t feel … Read more

Returning to the Cabin

The day we left for the south was reasonably sunny.  I was in a hopeful mood that with the power switched off completely, any sunlight at all would go towards charging the batteries, and we could return to a nice, fully charged system. Kenny was still excited about the snow we were leaving behind. Will … Read more

The Holiday Break

Sorry to my regular readers for another hiatus, but it was the holiday season for many people, myself and my family included. This year we headed back to Waterloo earlier in the month and returned just after Christmas.  We managed to dodge some dicey weather at both ends – somewhat.  Starting two days before we … Read more