Plumbing In The Kitchen With Our Gravity Fed Tank

After completing the electrical work and seeing that the pump and everything seemed to be working just fine, it was now time to press on with getting the cabinets and plumbing aligned. With Kenny’s assistance, I dismantled some of the old plumbing arrangements, and realigned them for the new system.  I had to drill three … Read more

Assembling Ikea Cabinets

In an effort to streamline the kitchen, we opted to purchase presized and made cabinets from Ikea.  This was also facilitated because Ikea had the best deal on a corner sink that we were able to find. Our existing sink was placed directly under the kitchen window, which at first made sense to us, but … Read more

Installing A Bit More Paneling, Reminded Of The Law Of Unintended Consequences.

The arrival of the kitchen cabinets from Ikea the other day prompted even more pressure on me to find space in an already overwhelmed cabin. Luckily the way Ikea flat packs all their products certainly takes up far less space than one would even expect.  22 boxes and a sink prompted me to bring the … Read more