The ATV on the Snow Road

Well, “road” is perhaps an embellishment.  It’s really a trail created mainly by Grandpa’s snowshoes as he kept a pathway defined for the tractor (initially) and then the ATV (secondly) to get into the bush to retrieve some of the logs we had cut in the fall. It was reasonably warm (about fifteen or sixteen … Read more

Replacing the Yanmar 155D Tractor with a Bombardier Outlander XT ATV (first impressions)

With the ongoing “Polar Vortex” dropping even more -30 degree weather on us for days and days at a time, it was clear that the Yanmar was NOT up to the task of ploughing out our driveway or skidding logs. I can confirm that it was getting more and more difficult to use it as … Read more

Thawing the Sauna Drain Line

I did not really relish the thought of heading under the sauna floor in winter to pour boiling water on the drain lines to thaw them.  I had purchased two different heat cables to wrap around the lines and plug in to see if that would work, temporarily, but each of the cables insisted that … Read more

Internet on the Homestead – AT&T Mifi vs. Motorola Canopy via TBayTel

In as much as we are choosing simplicity (or at least, professing to), we are part of a generation that would find life without internet access to be a bit too primitive and limiting to stomach. Like any other tool, the internet has the capability to do as much harm as benefit.  One can easily … Read more