Building the Humanure Hacienda

The turd tower, the poo palace, the colon cabana…  Over supper we worked hard to come up with different names for a permanent place to store our sawdust and compost our kitchen scraps and nightsoil production.  Kenny enjoyed learning about alliteration, and took to our game with great gusto. Recently we have simply been dumping … Read more

Changing my Dressing

After a tough day up on the roof of the sauna, Mummu was kind enough to let me take a shower and change my dressing at her house. She pulled off the old dressing, taking a few beard hairs with her I’m sure!  I remarked that I imagined that was what waxing must be like, … Read more

Yet another delay…

Another delay strikes! My specialist decided to take a more invasive look at an ongoing health issue I’ve been having.  This puts me out of commission for a few days… Surely I’m not the first guy to have to be reminded by the nurse to put the gown on with the opening to the back, … Read more