Strapping the Porch Roof

The porch roof is by no means going to be insulated, so I had no need to install any sort of decking there for extra protection or support.  Instead, strapping spaced out at about 19 or 20 inch centres was judged to be sufficient. I dug out a number of long boards from the board … Read more

Boarding up the Sauna Roof

With the rafters in place, it was time to clad the roof with some sort of solid decking, before the water/wind shield, and then the steel. Both Grandpa and I agreed that it made good sense to use up my huge pile of 1×4 boards, rather than purchasing any new plywood or something of that … Read more

Framing the Sauna Roof

With my parents gone, Grandpa and I returned to the sauna with visionary ideas about the roofline and techniques which would be required to assemble it. Grandpa, with his continued penchant for dancing a jig while up high, volunteered to put up the first few challenging rafters. With the corner rafters and ridge board in … Read more

The Water Line Revisited.

As my “loyal readers” will attest to, I had loads of issues with the water line over the last winter.  Every time it froze in a different place, I ended up cutting a new access to it, and then adding a coupling and clamps.  Eventually the well froze where the water line passed through the … Read more

Round Wood Piles

Mummu has clipped one or two articles by Steve Maxwell over the past year, pointing out that he is not only a contractor, but one who has already done something similar to our venture – moving to bare land and self-building a home there. As such, I have sometimes encountered his building and homesteading tips … Read more