Opening the Domes!

Thursday was a momentous day! We peeled off the shrink-wrap plastic from the domes, and opened them up to allow in some fresh air and undistorted sunshine for the first time in months. I managed to re-attach the rings for pulling the struts down without falling off the ladder. Kenny was very excited to try … Read more

Cutting up Slabs

Having access to a large supply of slabs is a bit of a plus when you are heating with wood. It feels good to be able to use up this by-product of milling lumber. One issue though is that they need to be cut up, and they are generally smaller than entire trees. This means … Read more

Repairing the King Pin on my Yanmar 155D Tractor

First off, I will apologize that there are no really good pictures of this repair “in progress”. Many key portions took place while our official blog/homestead photographer was doing other chores. In future, I’ll try to remember to snap some pictures myself, even if it means interrupting my “flow”. As you will recall, the Yanmar … Read more

Things That Go Rumble, Rumble, CRASH! in the Night

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to get an appointment at the local clinic for my very painful ankle. It appears now that I’m suffering from some tendonitis. I hope that it will get dealt with. I’m going to try a little physiotherapy, and also get a follow-up ultrasound to ensure that nothing more serious … Read more