Cold Weather in our Yurts.

The mercury is dropping off as Hallowe’en approaches here. Last night was optimistically only six below, but that was recorded right against the yurt fabric, so likely the heat escaping from us helped to drive that a few degrees higher than what it really was. While we have all been completely comfortable in our beds, … Read more

A Washing Machine in our Yurts

Anyone who has been following the blog since we moved probably has heard me talk a bit about our different attempts to solve the laundry issue. My first thought was to work with an OddJob cement mixer. I was enthused about this option but in practice I found it wasn’t ideal either as a washing … Read more

Learning about Woodstoves

Growing up we generally heated with wood, and I helped (greatly to my teen-age mind) in the procurement and usage of it as our fuel. This gave me an entirely false sense of confidence at my abilities to translate that experience into using it as our only means of safely heating our yurts. Thus far … Read more

Moose Tracks! (Not the Ice Cream)

A few days ago, as I realized that my solar power situation was getting progressively more challenging, I decided to modify my array ever so slightly to take better advantage of the morning sun. It was much easier than I expected – I grabbed my portable reciprocating saw with a metal blade, cut away a … Read more