Pike and Beams

Grandpa’s fishing trip was successful! He returned after just a couple of hours, sporting two great sized pike. Kenny was intrigued with them. I suspect that if they were stacked end for end, they would have been longer than Kenny is tall, but he wasn’t game to find out. He felt brave enough to try … Read more

The Tent, Part Two

Success! We have the tent up, and have already put her to use! What a useful, thoughtful, and wonderful gift from my dojo! After a good night’s sleep, we arrive back on site, with the last joists already having been cut the day before. That was a challenge – we still haven’t unpacked the generator, … Read more

The Tent, Part One

Today, Grandpa and I were determined to get a good start on the tent. We both entertained dreams of having it completed and up by tonight. I carefully read over the instructions, ensuring that while we were building our framework to our own specs, it would still fit the original directions. We used our level … Read more

Laying out Beams

Well, yesterday we decided to try to actually lay out the beams for under the yurts. Not all of them, but to at least get a start at knowing where they were going to be positioned. First we marked out very generally the edges and centres of the two yurts, using my tomato stakes. Then, … Read more