Calling it like it is…

   I was talking to a neighbour the other day, and they related how they had recently left a job that they really needed and enjoyed, because their boss was making sexist and insulting comments directly to them.    I really admired their ability to take a stand for both themself, and humanity in general. … Read more

Summer Sausage

While cleaning up the fridge the other day, I came across my bottle of liquid smoke. As I am often wont to do, I try to clear up odds and ends now and again, so I readily whipped up a fresh batch of a real local delicacy – summer sausage! As always, it’s rewarding to … Read more

The Yada yada

I’m back on a decluttering kick lately. Trying to get stuff off my desk and out of the house if we never or sometimes just rarely use it. But as I do this, it also got me thinking about other aspects of life and environment that could be decluttered, and today, I realized that probably … Read more