The cult of more.

Just a short rant today, and yes, you can flag it as such. As well, make sure you quote back to me William Strunk if you think I run on. I was struck the other day when a one-time client was complaining about an ongoing problem they had. Once again, in their effort to deal … Read more

I like pizza…

I like pizza, I like it. I also like to do things for myself, so for the past year or so, I’ve been making pizza from as basic ingredients as I can get to lately, and thought I’d share just how rewarding and fun it is. It’s really not that difficult, and the results are … Read more

Aiki Homesteading Wiki

Well, I’m sure my family is annoyed enough about me begging them to check it out, but I spent the better part of Saturday trying to create and configure a homesteading wiki… Check it out if you get a chance,, and better yet – edit something or add something! For those of you who … Read more

Our Urban Garden

Well, that’s annoying… I typed up quite a long blog entry just describing our garden, complete with many pictures, and accidentally published it before I wanted to. I rushed to take it down, and instead deleting the whole thing. Sigh. Computers… I should probably also point out how difficult it is to properly embed pictures … Read more

Thoreau on my mind…

I don’t think I need to tell you that Thoreau wasn’t really a guy who had lots of luck with the ladies, but he definitely had some ideas that continue to speak to all of us, removed as we may be from his world and circumstances. As I spend most of my day stuck indoors … Read more